Freezing Layers In Specific Viewports

Here is a free lesson how to freeze Layers In Specific Viewports in AutoCAD

You can Freeze layers in some viewports while leaving them

Thawed at the same time in other viewports.

  • first make the desired viewport the active viewport (the MODEL 
button will be in the status bar) then use the Layer command.
  • select the desired layers to Freeze in the current viewport 
(ONLY) and check the Freeze in active viewport box.
  • if you check Freeze in new viewports the selected layer(s) will be 
automatically frozen in any viewports you create after that time.

Practice tutorial: freezing layers in specific viewports in AutoCAD

1- Continue from the previous exercise. Interior Design should be the current layout and the PAPER button should be in the status bar.

2- Left-click on PAPER in the status bar to switch to MODEL.

3- Pick Format + Layer and select DIMENSIONS and POWER layers. Then click on the Active viewport Sun icon for one of these layers to toggle them into snowflakes (or Show Details and check Freeze in active viewport). Pick OK.

4- Left-click on MODEL in the status bar to switch to PAPER.

5- Pick File + Plot Preview. Then press <enter> to exit.

6- Left-click on the Electrical tab to make it the current layout.

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7- Use a similar technique to Freeze the FURNITURE and 
DIMENSIONS layers in the viewport on this layout.

8- Pick File + Plot Preview and then press <enter> to exit.

The POWER layer is NOT Frozen in this viewport even though you froze it in the active viewport on the Interior Design layout.

More practice?

9- On your own now, adjust Layer settings on the Architectural tab so the Plot Preview looks like the illustration below.

10- Pick File + Save to update your changes.

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