How to Manage Layout Tabs

Here is how to Manage Layout Tabs in AutoCAD

You can quickly generate many layouts in the same drawing so you must learn how to

  • Delete layouts
  • Copy layouts
  • Move layouts
  • Rename layouts


Right-click on the desired layout and select Delete to delete the selected layout(s) from the active drawing.

  • you are asked to verify that you really want to permanently delete the selected layout(s).

Use your <Shift> and <Ctrl> keys to select more than one layout tab to Delete (or perform other operations) at the same time.

  • you can also pick Select All Layouts from the shortcut menu, right-click again and select Delete to delete all layouts.
  • the Model tab cannot be deleted and you will always have at least one paper space layout.

Move or Copy

The process to Move or Copy a layout is practically the same.

  • right-click on the desired layout and select Move or Copy from the shortcut menu.
  • then select where you wish to Copy or Move the layout (relative to the other layouts in a list).
  • if you want to create a Copy then check the Create a copy box (otherwise the layout is Moved there instead).

Copied layouts will have an additional suffix in the layout name to make the layout name unique in the active drawing.

  • for example, if you Copy the Architectural layout you will create an Architectural (2) layout
  • if there is already an Architectural (2) layout the copied layout will be called Architectural (3) etc..
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You can Rename any layout using the Page Setup utility but you can also use a shortcut menu to perform this task.

  • right-click on the desired layout and enter a new name in the Rename Layout dialogue box.

When there are too many layout tabs to display at the same time you can click on the forward and back buttons to see more tabs.

Practice tutorial: managing layout tabs in AutoCAD

1- Continue from the previous exercise.

2- Right-click on the Layout1 tab to invoke a shortcut & pick Delete. Pick OK when warned that the selected layout will be permanently deleted. Repeat for the Layout2 tab.

3- Right-click on the Architectural tab to invoke the shortcut and select Move or Copy. Select (move to end) in the Before layout list so the copied layout becomes the last layout tab on the right and check the Create a copy box. Then pick OK to create a new layout from Architectural.

4- Repeat the last step to create a third layout.

5- Right-click on Architectural (2) and select Rename from the shortcut menu. Then enter Electrical as the new name and pick OK to continue.

6- Use a similar technique to change the name of the last layout to Interior Design.

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You now have three identical layouts with different names.

-in the next section you will learn how to freeze layers in viewports 
so these layouts could be used to generate three different plots.

-but first you will adjust the title block information to match the information on each of the two new tabs.

-you will use Attedit in the next few steps to adjust the Drawing Name and Layout Name in each title block.

7- Left-click on the Electrical tab to make it the current layout. Make sure the PAPER button is in the status bar.

8- Pick Modify + Attribute + Single and select any part of the title block to invoke the Edit Attributes dialogue box. Then use the illustration below as a guide to update the attributes.

9- Update the Interior Design layout in the same way.

10- Pick File + Save to prepare for the next exercise.

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