How to use SCALE command

Here is how to use Scale command in AutoCAD

Use Scale to change the size of selected objects by a specified scale factor about a base point.

  • the scale factor can be entered as a value at the keyboard.
  • you can also use your cursor to drag the selected objects and then left-click when they are the desired size.
  • scale factors less then 1.0 make objects smaller whereas scale factors greater then 1.0 make objects larger.
  • the base point is important because objects grow away from or shrink towards this point.

Command: SCALE↵
Select objects: (use selection tools to select plant)
Specify base point: (use INSERT osnap for Base point)
Specify scale factor or [Reference]: 1.5 ↵


1) Open the T106_3.dwg drawing in your personal folder.

2) Pick Modify + Scale. When AutoCAD prompts you to Select objects hold your pickbox above the plant near P1 then left-click to select this object. Then press <enter> to signal AutoCAD that you have selected all objects for Scale.

This plant is represented by a BLOCK REFERENCE which is also referred to as a BLOCK INSERT.

  • BLOCK INSERTs are individual objects that act as an imprint of many other individual objects (like LINEs & ARCs).
  • you will learn more about blocks in another document.
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You can select a BLOCK INSERT by selecting any part of the 
objects that are displayed in insert.

  • you can snap to the insertion point of a BLOCK INSERT by using 
the Insert object snap.

You will invoke an Insert osnap and hold your crosshairs over the 
plant when AutoCAD prompts for the base point in Scale.

  • you will make this plant grow by 50% in the next step by using a 
scale factor of 1.5
  • the plant will be enlarged about the base point (the insertion point for the BLOCK REFERENCE).

3) Press and hold the <shift> key while you right-click in the drawing area to invoke a shortcut of osnap overrides. Select Insert as the osnap override. Hold your crosshairs over the plant and left-click when you see the Insert osnap tooltip to use this as the base point.

4) Enter 1.5 as the scale factor.

The plant BLOCK REFERENCE is now 50% larger.

5) Save your changes to T106_3.dwg for the next exercise.

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