How to use ZOOM Extents command

Here is how to use ZOOM Extents command in AutoCAD

The extents of your drawing could be defined as the drawing area occupied by objects on thawed layers.

  • this means your extents may change when you add or delete objects and when you freeze or thaw layers.
  • you will learn more about how to add & delete objects and how to freeze & thaw layers later in the course (not in this document).

Use the Extents option of Zoom to display your current drawing extents such that it just fits the available space on-screen.

  • the actual magnification is reduced slightly leaving a few extra pixels of space displayed around the true drawing extents.

Practice with ZOOM Extents

1- Continue in the same drawing from the previous exercise.

2- Pick View + Zoom + Extents.

The extents are also now centered (left to right)

Use Zoom Extents if you get lost in a large drawing and want to see the big picture again.

  • then you would be able to use Zoom Window to zoom into smaller areas (to display them at higher magnifications).

3- Remain in this drawing for the next exercise.

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