How to use ZOOM & PAN In Real Time commands

Here is how to use Zoom and Pan in real time in AutoCAD

Zoom Realtime lets you watch your view magnification change as you drag your cursor in real time.

  • in other words, this feature is like Zoom Scale in real time.

Press <enter> at the first Zoom prompt to use <real time>

  • you can also invoke this mode directly from the View + Zoom 
pulldown menu or from the Zoom toolbar (or Standard toolbar).

Pick & drag (with the left mouse button) upwards to increase the view magnification while you drag.

Pan lets you watch your view change dynamically as you drag your cursor to pan the view in real time.

  • pick and drag with your left mouse button and then release it when the view is dragged to the desired location.

You can right-click to invoke a shortcut menu when you are using Pan or Zoom in the real time mode.

  • select Exit to complete the command or press <Esc> instead
  • toggle back & forth between Pan & Zoom Realtime
  • use 3D Orbit to view 3D models
  • select Zoom Window to define the desired window to view
  • select Zoom Original to bring you back to the original view
  • select Zoom Extents to zoom out to the extents.
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Practice with PAN & ZOOM Real Time

  1. Continue in the same drawing from the previous exercise.
  2. Pick View + Zoom + Realtime. Click your left mouse button near P1 and drag it down towards P2. Release your mouse button then press <Esc> to complete the command.

After Zoom

Your cursor looks like a magnifying glass when you are using Zoom in the Realtime mode.

3- Enter Z at the command line to invoke the Zoom command and press <enter> at the main prompt to use <real time>. Click near P1 below then drag your mouse upwards near P2 and release your pick button but remain in Zoom Realtime.

4- Right-click in the drawing area to invoke a shortcut menu and select Pan to switch to Pan mode.

5- Click near P1 below with your left mouse button and drag it to the center of the screen. Then release your pick button but remain in this command.

If you increase display magnification when the desired area is NOT centered on-screen, this area may disappear off your screen.

  • you can toggle between Pan and Zoom to keep the desired area of your drawing near the center of your screen.
  • once the desired area is centered on-screen you can control the display magnification using Zoom.
  • in the next step you will enlarge the display magnification for the room near P1 above.6- Right-click in the drawing area to invoke the shortcut menu and select Zoom again.
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7- Drag (with your left mouse button) upwards to increase the display scale of the drawing until your screen looks like the illustration below. Press <Esc> to complete the command.

You can invoke Pan directly or you can toggle from Zoom Realtime to Pan mode (and back if required) as you did in this exercise.

  • your pointer is a hand to remind you when you are in Pan mode.

The plot Preview command uses almost the same features as the Zoom Realtime & Pan commands that you learned in this exercise.

  • the time you invest in learning these techniques now will help later on when you learn to Plot.8- Remain in this drawing for the next exercise.
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