How to use CAD Standards & Template Files

Here is a free course how to use CAD Standards and Template Files in AutoCAD

  • You have learned in this document how to assign a variety of object properties BYLAYER
  • you have even seen how to override these object properties in plots by using Plot styles.
  • All of the object properties described in this document are governed by CAD standards.
    1. most professional drawings must conform to a drafting standard.
    2. the applicable standard depends on different factors such as the 
industry & country in which the drawings will be used.
  • The subject of CAD standards is in constant debate and these standards are evolving with the CAD technology.
  • the important point to realize is that you can define layers to make it easier for your drawings to match a specific standard.
  • these layers should then be defined in your customized template drawings that you use to make new drawings.


File + New


You will be learning about other important considerations for custom templates during the remainder of this course, such as

  • dimension styles
  • text styles
  • title blocks
  • other customized settings

More Practice: Using CAD Standards and Template Files tutorial in AutoCAD

Preview a plot for the T107_5.dwg with the monochrome.ctb plot style table attached to the Clamping Screw layout.

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– use Pagesetup to attach this plot style table file and select an HP LaserJet.pc3 or equivalent plot device.

All objects should appear black on- screen when you Preview the plot.

What happens if you attach the ACAD.ctb plot style table file?

Preview a plot for each of the layouts in T107_7.dwg

– copy the existing PHASE1.stb, PHASE2.stb & PHASE3.stb files

from your personal folder to the AutoCAD Plot Styles folder. – attach the corresponding table file to each layout tab and select a plot device for each layout tab using Pagesetup.

Plot Preview Phase 1

Objects on the Building A layer plot RED while all other layers on this tab plot gray.

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