Does AutoCAD require math?

it is necessary to master mathematics in to be able to draw in AutoCAD?

Definitely not. A little geometry can help with some drawings – to know how to build a specific shape. But you don’t need to know math or algebra.

So the answer to the question of whether it is necessary to master mathematics in order to be able to draw in AutoCAD, the answer is: Not at all!
It is enough to be able to do basic arithmetic calculations. Depending on the type of work or drawing you are going to do, a spatial visualization and understanding of the coordinate systems will be useful.

The important thing is to learn the many features and techniques of AutoCAD to work efficiently with a minimum of errors.

Drawing plans in mechanics or civil engineering may require a knowledge of mathematics, especially engineering. But creating autocad drawings does not require such knowledge. In fact, AutoCAD eliminates many of the calculations you would have to do and does them for you.

So, no, not really, all you need to know is the orientation of the angle.

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