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The Free Software section presents a wide range of CAD, CAD, CAD content, dedicated to several uses. Whether in the field of architecture, design and interior decoration needs, for residential or commercial premises, or even to serve you in your industrial design projects, Free software presents you on Free AutoCad surface, all program variants, downloadable version 100% free.

DAO software means the discipline that makes it possible to carry out purely technical drawings via a computer tool, usually a computer, via computer software. DAOs are often far from the calculations in the realization of a numerical model, they specialize especially in everything that is graphic controls, that means, the definition of the lines and the forms … In another way, in the practice of the drawings Computer-assisted, mouse and keyboard, are a great substitute for a designer’s traditional tools.
The advantages of DAO practice are that they make it easy to manage documents, make it easy to visualize all the projects, edit files, modify their archiving and transfer them through the various technological tools.

The Free Software section also offers the possibility of downloading CAD, which form the set of computer-aided design software, or technical geometric modeling practices, facilitating the execution of a set of generally manufactured products.
Among the most well-known software in CAD, AutoCad is emphasized, mainly used in industrial fields, in various electrical or mechanical creations, in geographical, topographical and even cartographic information systems, not to mention where it is noticed The most, the field of architecture and urbanism.

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