How to use Object Properties Manager

Here is a free course how to use object properties manager in AutoCAD

Use Properties to invoke the Object Properties Manager.

Properties is modeless which means after you invoke it, this tool will remain Open until you explicitly dismiss it.
it can be docked on the side of your AutoCAD window or you can double-click on the grab bars to make it float as a window.

You can select objects when no command is running to view and edit exposed properties of the selected objects.

Properties is a complex powerful tool and you will be learning more about it in the rest of the course.

– in the next exercise you will use it to force the linetype pattern of two short HIDDEN lines to display (see illustration below).

  • It not good CAD practice to explicitly assign object properties when those properties could be assigned BYLAYER instead. – you should NOT use the Properties tool to override object properties on a regular basis.
  • You can also use the Matchprop command to copy specific properties of a source object to destination objects.
  • – you can make all objects use the same properties without having to know very much about these properties.
  • – destination objects can even be in other open drawings.
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  1. Close the drawing from the previous exercise (if it is open)
  2. Open the T107_6.dwg drawing in your personal folder.

There are two short LINEs on a layer called Hidden.

This Hidden layer is assigned a color of blue and a linetype of HIDDEN.

The short LINEs do not appear to be HIDDEN lines because they are too short.

  1. Select the two short LINEs near P1 & P2 when there is no command running to highlight these objects.

  1. Pick Tools + Properties (if it is not already open).

The following illustrations show Properties as a floating window but it may be docked on your system.

– you can use this tool the same way in either state.

  1. Double-click in the box on the right side of Linetype Scale under the General category & change the value from 1.0000 (default) to 0.5. Then left-click on the Linetype Scale box on the left side of this box to put this change into effect. Pick Tools + Properties to dismiss the Properties tool.

  1. Press <Esc> twice to clear the grips.

Now the HIDDEN linetype pattern is displayed on these short LINEs.

– you did not have to change the global linetype scale (LTSCALE) which would have an impact on all other objects as well.

  1. Save the changes to T107_6.dwg & Close this file.
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