How to Override Page Setups In Plots

Here is how to Override Page Setups In Plots in AutoCAD

You can pick the Plot button in the Page Setup dialogue box on the current layout but you can also use the Plot command directly.

  • using the Plot command directly gives you more options such as temporarily overriding page setups & plotting multiple tabs.

You can temporarily override page setups when you use Plot directly by unchecking the Save changes to layout box.

  • or, if you prefer to save changes back to the page setup you can leave the Save changes to layout box checked.

The What to plot area of the Plot dialogue box lets you make more than one plotted copy of selected tabs

  • and you can also plot more than one tab, or plot all tabs in one Plot command.
  • this would be an efficient way, for example, to make two prints of the desired layouts (one for you and one for the contractor).

Hold down the <Ctrl> key while you left-click on the desired tabs to select more than one tab.

The Plot to file area lets you specify the File name and Location for plot files when you want to plot to file

– you can even access internet addresses from there (e.g. when you publish ePlots to the internet).

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