Loading an AutoLISP File

Once an AutoLISP file is created, it must be loaded in AutoCAD with the (load) function in order to be used.

The (load) function
(load filename)

Loads the specified LISP file, where filename is the AutoLISP file name without the “.LSP” extension (“.LSP” can be included, but why type more than you have to?).

  • The filename is a string so don’t forget to include quotes “ ” around it.
    Command: (load “box1”)

Dialog Box Access (APPLOAD)

You can also load AutoLISP files and other programs using the Load Applications dialog box. To open the dialog, choose Tools>Load Application from the pull-down, or type APPLOAD at the Command line.



Load the AutoLISP file you just created as described in the example above. If you encounter problems, edit your file BOX1.LSP again and look for possible errors. We will cover some typical errors in the next section. Estimated time for completion: 5 minutes.

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