The DWG symbol is the native extension of all creatives and files produced by the AutoCad software. The success of the software in comparison with other related programs in the market has led several other complementary catalogs and software to develop around it, in order to facilitate its use, for others Areas of activity other than architecture and construction.

Currently, by connecting to the free AutoCad portal, you can find several free AutoCAD dwg files, a dwg-compatible document library, such as industrial, electricity, urban planning, Mechanical and much more. Also find free downloadable symbols, as well as several training and help materials, to better use and learn the AutoCad on a good foundation.

Our team of engineers and technicians, who ensure that courses and AutoCAD dwg files are included on the portal, want to develop the different learning methods of the AutoCad software online, through up-to-date documentation, Useful and especially 100% free.

Free AutoCad content, is pedagogically designed to facilitate learning to beginners, as well as to complement the knowledge of professionals, as well as assisting them to test other deeper features.

The learning methods provided by the free AutoCad portal adapt perfectly to each technological medium, and facilitate access to a library of resources and heavy services in terms of importance. Thus, each user can trace his AutoCad training schedule, depending on his initial schedule, without being surrounded by specific schedules.

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