AutoCAD training

If you are looking for a free AutoCAD training, you are at the right place!

Learn AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT, Autodesk’s fabulous computer-aided drawing software, used in many domains.
This training allows you to learn how to use AutoCAD and to acquire an efficient working method to carry out all your projects.
You learn gradually and by practice, thanks in particular to the exercises, all the important features and necessary for every user of AutoCAD whatever your job!

AutoCAD training step by step

TutoCAD you step by step, how to draw and settings the workspace, the basic principles of drawing, commands for creating and editing, annotations, layer management, layout and printing of a drawing, dimensioning, creating a stencil drawing, creating and managing a library, external references.

This AutoCAD Training  is structured in a pedagogical way that ensures quality learning.  Step by step, follow the AutoCAD tutorials and watch the videos that explain clearly and accurately how the software controls work.  Download the following exercise and you will have to do as shown in the video.  Repeat the exercises at least two to three times to make your gestures fluid.

At the end of each of your courses, you will have the ability to carry out a complete drawing called “The Project”.
At the end of this training you are able to apply an efficient working method and to be autonomous quickly on AutoCAD Lt.

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