How to use ROTATE command

Here is the lesson how to use Rotate command in AutoCAD

Use Rotate to revolve objects about a base point by an angle.

  • you can type the required angle at the keyboard
  • or you can move your cursor & drag the revolved objects to the desired location then left-click to use the displayed orientation.

Positive angles normally rotate objects in a counter-clockwise direction (opposite to the image shown in the Rotate toolbar button)

  • some drawings may use clockwise directions for positive angles (use Help to learn more about the ANGDIR system variable).

Here is how to use Rotate command

Command: ROTATE↵

Current positive angle in UCS: ANGDIR=counterclockwise ANGBASE=0
Select objects: (use selection tools to select chairs)

Specify base point: (use CENTER osnap on table)

Specify rotation angle or [Reference]: 45 ↵


Select objects and Base point

Specify angle of rotation


Step 1 : Continue with the same drawing as the previous exercise. (if you did not complete the previous exercise you can Open the T106_4.dwg in your personal folder).

Step 2 : Pick Modify + Rotate and hold your pickbox over one of the chair BLOCK INSERTs near P1 and left-click to select this chair. Use the same technique to select the other chair and press <enter> to signal AutoCAD that you have selected all objects for Rotate.

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Step 3 : Hold your crosshairs over the CIRCLE that represents the table to invoke a Center osnap and left-click to use this as the Base point.

Step 4 : Move your crosshairs around the screen (but do NOT left-click) & observe how you can drag the selected objects.

Step 5 : Enter 45 as the rotation angle.

You can left-click to use the dragged orientation (instead of typing a rotation angle and pressing <enter> at the keyboard).

Step 6 : Save your changes to this drawing then Close the file.

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