How to save and Restore Views in a drawing in AutoCAD

Here is how to save and restore views in AutoCAD

In a drawing in AutoCAD it can be time consuming to compose the desired view on screen from scratch every time

  • In AutoCAD menu, use View to make a New named view of the current display.

  • then you can use View to Restore the desired named view.

Practice with Saving & Restoring Views

  1. Continue with the same drawing from the previous exercise

2- in the AutoCAD menu , Pick View + Named Views. Then pick the New button in this dialogue box

3- Enter Laundry Room as the View name and pick OK without changing any other setting.

4- Pick OK to complete this command.

5- In AutoCAD menu, Pick View + Zoom + Extents.

6- Pick View + Named Views. Select Laundry Room in the named view list and pick the Set Current button. Then pick OK to restore this view.

In AutoCAD Named views are a quick way to display drawing areas that you plan to work with on a regular basis but they can be used in other ways.

  • you can select a named view as the drawing area to Plot
  • you can select a named view as the initial view when you Open an existing drawing.
  • you can select a named view when you Render 3D models.
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7- You will not need this drawing again in other exercises so you can Close this drawing without saving any changes.

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