How to use ERASE To Delete Objects

Here is how to erase and delete objects in AutoCAD

Erase is one of the most common edit commands and you will use it to practice using basic selection tools in the next section.

When you Erase (Clear) a set of objects they are removed from the drawing and sent to a temporary buffer.

  • if you would like those erased objects back in the same drawing session you can recall them by typing the Oops command.
  • this buffer is updated each time you use Erase so you can only recall the last set of objects that you erased.

When you invoke Erase you are prompted to Select objects

Deleted objects are NOT placed in the Windows clipboard when you use the Erase command.

  • use the Cutclip command (Edit + Cut) to delete objects & copy them in the clipboard for pasting in other windows applications.
  • You can also select objects when no command is running and press the Delete key to Erase those selected objects.
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